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How to Create Perfect Eyebrows with Makeup

How to Create Perfect Eyebrows with Makeup

In case you are not that much lucky to have perfect shaped eyebrows then no worries here we would discuss the tips how to create perfect eyebrows with makeup.

Important tips for how to create perfect eyebrows with makeup

Get the Proper Shape- There is so many popular celebrities who are not having proper eyebrows and thus they want to have a well-shaped eyebrows. Having well shaped eyebrows have ability to make you look beautiful and exotic. To start the task you have to make perfect use of makeup to make depth and also fill the gaps of eyebrows as well. You would require some pencils and tweezers to do this task.

Get a Start- Before starting you have to visualize your eyebrows and for the purpose you have to create an alignment in front of the brow and it should be at the upper bridge of your nose.

Create Guidelines- You have now creates the alignment and now the time is to fill the brows between the alignments. Remember you have to just make a filling and it should not overdo. Now, time to show your skill and for that take a slanted angled brow pencil make a perpendicular angle for the front of the brow, it should be through the widest part of the eyebrow. Now turn that to sideways at the arch and make thinner lines at the end. This arch should have three quarters of the way back from the nose bridge. Keep the tail spill off and follow the angle of the eye.

Brush Up- After showing your drawing skills to make perfect eyebrows you has to take a nylon brush and with the help of that make hair lift up which gives volume to the eyebrow hair.

Expel Strays- After you have done the brushing and filling process, you have to remove the unwanted hair and for that you should use slant- tripped tweezers. You have to tweeze underneath and not to the above of your brow because incase you have wrongly tweeze then it would not give it volume but brings the brow down.

Have any Open Spaces- When you want to know how to create perfect eyebrows with makeup you have to check that is there any of the open spaces should not left there. For that you have to focus over the eyebrow by looking over you in the mirror and check if there is anything missing.

Fill the Gaps- If you have any gaps then you should fill the place with pencil from front end and inner arch. Using dark and waxy pencil is perfect option for you as it would give you natural look and also it would stay there for long.

Use Powder- After you have done the whole process then you have to apply little powder over there as it will soak the excess oil and make it look natural as well.

Following the above mentioned tips for how to create perfect eyebrows with makeup you can manage to create natural eyebrows.