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Weight Gain Program

My Transparent & Unfiltered Weight Gain Journey

The life of an overweight woman can be tough. People give you ‘that’ look while others’ advice you on weight control. The nastier ones even make sly remarks.

Well, guess what? Things are not that rosy for a skinny woman either.

And you know what’s worse about being skinny? Some people may spare the overweight for the sake of being ‘proper’, but no such luck if you are thin.

That’s because calling someone fat is often considered politically incorrect. But discussing the looks of a skinny person is, somehow, perfectly fine.

Luckily, I am in the best physical shape of my life. That’s entirely due to my excellent weight gain program. But for as long as I can remember, I was skinny.

Now, you may think that going to an all-girls school may have made it easier for me. But trust me, it’s not. Girls can be just as mean in reminding you about your body shape, or in my case the lack of it.

Now, as I look back at it, I strongly feel that body shaming should be specifically discouraged in schools. Not only is it impolite, a teenager cannot do much about their body. Anyway, that’s a topic for another day.

Why Weight Gain became necessary?

You know people are keen to offer you unique solutions all the time. It could be from people generously serving extra food into my dinner plate to weird weight gain advice.

And then there are those silly jokes that stop being funny beyond a point. But all this became too much to handle by the time I was in college.

Life can be tough as an adolescent girl if you have reservations about your looks. Your subconsciousness always keeps you on back foot, be it while walking down the street or when a random handsome guy asks you for road directions

So, I decided to look for help to gain weight. The ShesTough Weight Gain Program proved to be a very healthy and effective way of transforming my life.

 ShesTough Weight Gain Program

People can gain or lose weight by making alterations in their food habits and lifestyle. However, not all types of weight gain are healthy for the body.

For example, spend all of your day lying on a couch eating junk food, and you will gain weight. But is it the healthy and advisable way of gaining weight? Definitely not.

To ensure that you gain weight in the correct manner, you need the guidance and advice of experts. For me it was ShesTough.

ShesTough has a series of fitness programs for women. These are offered by the popular public figure LaToya Forever. She has expertly designed these programs to suit the needs of different women.

My need was weight gain, and I found out that the ShesTough weight gain for women program was the best I could hope for.

About ShesTough?

The best thing about ShesTough is that it has a specialized program designed with healthy weight gain in mind. What assured me most was that it was a five star rated program

Workout videos, diet plans and support and guidance on all related queries – you name it and all the features of a good weight program are in it.

And all this was available on the payment of a one-time fee that offered lifetime access! What more could I ask for?

What I got with ShesTough

The first thing that pleased me about the ShesTough program was it’s easy registration. Once you complete the registration formalities and pay the fee, you immediately get the access.

Pay the fee and the entire program is now immediately yours, with a lifetime access! No monthly or annual renewals, additional subscriptions or any other cost.

In this program you get a 30-day workout video compilation. Using these videos I could notice visible changes in my body and metabolism.

Added to the workout, this program offers you expert advice on your food habits. The ShesTough complete weight gain meal plan is a wholesome way of adding the right nutrients to your plate.

And by the way, food and exercise are not the only aspects taken care of by this program. There is a regular online support, which came in handy whenever I had a query to ask.

Besides, as a user of the weight gain plan, I got access to the ShesTough member-only community. This is an excellent forum for exchange of ideas and information. The discussions I had in this forum helped me to fine tune my workouts and lifestyle. This eventually showed better results in my body shape.

How ShesThough helped me

What I liked most about the ShesTough weight gain program is that it adds weight in the right places. Thanks to its workout videos, I was able to add body mass where I wanted. All I needed was a small cleared-out area to do the workouts.

And by combining it with the diet plan, my workouts made sure that the extra weight was not just a layer of fat. Thanks to this regimen, I got a well-toned body with muscle mass.

Now I have more curve and shape in my glutes, more mass in my upper body and more strength in my legs. That’s all you need to get your body in excellent shape, isn’t it?

Would I recommend ShesThough

I have become a big admirer of the ShesTough Weight Gain program. It has well and truly changed my life.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind. This program is tailored for women above the age of 18 only. It is designed for skinny and underweight women who want to gain weight in a healthy manner.

And I was delighted to find several bonus materials in the program that guided me with weight gaining tips. ShesTough Weight Gain Program can be used through the official mobile app which is available both on Android and iOS.

I noticed that ShesTough offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If anyone is dissatisfied with the program, she can claim a fee refund. Results may vary from person to person, but now I doubt if anyone will need to activate the money-back guarantee.

I strongly recommend this ShesTough weight gain to anyone looking to gain weight the healthy way.