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How to Choose the Best Foundation for Your Skin Type

How to Choose the Best Foundation for Your Skin Type

Foundation is known to be best when you want to hide the skin imbalance. Without any doubt, it works as wonderful makeup tool. It is able to provide you flawless and perfect skin that every lady in the world likes to have. Not every woman in the world has same type of skin and you have discovered that there are thousands of skin types and millions of brands available in the market. So, it would have become even a huge problem to pick the correct foundation for you. So, you can read the following given tips which tells you how to choose the best foundation for your skin type.

Tips tells how to choose the best foundation for your skin type

Identify the Skin Type- For choosing any of the skin products the best idea for you to get what kind of skin type you have.
Normal Skin-If you are having even complexion, with small pores, having some lines, wrinkles and creases and have some breakouts then it is known as normal skin tone. Also, this skin type have surface that is not so oily or dry as well.
Oily Skin- This facial kind has allover shine with large and open pores. Also, shine happens quickly and have less wrinkles as well as lines. Skin type usually suffers from skin problems like whiteheads or blackheads.
• Combination Skin- Having dry cheeks but the T-zone is oily, Have pores over cheeks and chin which are large enough. Also, skin suffers from breakouts over forehead, cheeks, and nose or at chin.
• Dry Skin- This skin type has dry and tight skin and hard to detect pores, cheeks are also dry and flaky, Complexion have rosy appearance. The lines and wrinkles can identify easily around mouth and eyes.
• Sensitive Skin- This skin type is red and dry and has thin and delicate skin. It is very sensitive to chemical products.
Now, you have diagnosed what kind of skin type you have what you have to fulfill your skins need as it is helpful to make your skin look supple and healthy.

Choose Proper Formulation- Now, your next target is to know the textures of foundation as understanding it well helps to fulfill the skin needs according to skin type.
• Cream Foundation- This is perfect choice for dry, combination and even for oily skin. Ladies have uneven pigmentation with heavier coverage should opt this. It is helpful to cover up all imperfections and thus give you flawless finish. To apply that there is requirement of a sponge or foundation brush.
• Liquid Foundation- It is wonderful for every skin type. So, you can apply that if have matured or dry skin. Also, it makes the skin even. Along with that it moisturizes the skin and you can apply that with sponge or brush.
• Pressed powder foundation- It is for oily skin and easy to remove imperfections and absorbs the oil. You can use a powder brush to apply that.
• Mineral Foundation- It works wonder for every skin type except oily skin. It protects the skin, provides moisture and absorbs oil to it. Apply that with kabuki brush.

Above mentioned are useful ideas how to choose the best foundation for your skin type so that you can choose well and look more gorgeous.