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How to Get Rid of White Spots on Nails

How to Get Rid of White Spots on Nails

Having white spots on nails is very common and every person experiences the same at any point in their life. These white spots may be the indication of any health issues or can due to any other reason as well. The different patterns of white spots are symptoms of various causative conditioning but all that indicates is that your body is not healthy. So, it is necessary for you to check the causes of problems and then go for best treatment options. Then only you will know how to get rid of white spots on nails. So, look at the details below:

Main Causes of White Spots on Nails

Injuries on Nails

White spots on fingernails looks like lines or dots and the medical term for the same is leukonychia. It is there when you got injury to the base of nail known as matrix. The injury to area can result in appearance of white spot on the nails. Sometimes if you have manicures frequently then result in injuries to nails.

Deficiency of Zinc

Zinc is found in human body and if the body have deficiencies of the same then can result in white spots or streaks in their nails. To overcome the deficiency you are suggested to make favourable changes in your diet. So, have some zinc sources named spinach, beef shanks, yogurt, crab, oysters, pork shoulder, baked beans, whole grains and nuts in your diet.

Allergic Reactions

In case you have any allergy caused to nails because of using nail hardener, nail remover or any nail polish then may have white spots on nails. When you use acrylic nails on fingers then can cause trauma to the base of your nails.

Protein Deficiency

When having deficiency of protein in body then it appears over the horizontal bands which extend across the nail bed. These lines are known as Muehrcke’s lines. These lines appear over the nail bed in place of appearing over nail plate which grows with your nails. When deficiency overcomes then these lines also disappears automatically. Sometimes the lines to the nails can because of presence of any liver diseases. To get whether the lines are Muehrcke’s lines or not, you need to press down the nail plate and if they go vanishes then actually problem is Muehrcke’s lines. To remove the problem you should have protein rich diet like fish, Turkey beast, pork loin, tofu, beans, soymilk, lean beef, yogurt, seeds and nuts.

Calcium Deficiency

Having calcium deficiency may result in leukonychia and even there are nail strengtheners promises to have amount of calcium in it. So, have calcium rich diet to avoid white spots and some of the calcium sources are orange juice, or calcium fortified foods.

Serious Disorders

White spots on nails can be because of any serious disorder in the body as if you are suffering from liver diseases like cirrhosis or hepatitis then quite possibly you may have white spotted fingernails. Kidney problems affect the nails health as due to their presence nails go white or pink. So, when you see such symptoms and wondering how to get rid of white spots on nails then go to doctor for checkups.

Here motioned are some of the health diseases which may result in white spots over fingernails.