How to Look Cute For a Guy

How to Look Cute for a Guy

Every lady has a dream to look cute and the dream becomes even bigger if you want to create an impression over the crush. This is possible that when you would look cute then he will make a move on you. Also, the reason may be to get the attention of your boyfriend or husband back for you. When you will look cute then you can be able to make an impression over your ex that he can’t get better than you. So, following mentioned are some of fool-proof ways that tells you how to look cute for a guy.

Excellent tips for how to look cute for a guy

Dress to Create Impression- You has to pick a dress that is feminine and able to make you look best. Usually men love the ladies having hourglass figure. So, you have to accentuate your waist and for the purpose you have to use a belt or even wear a perfectly fitted shirt that would drag all the attention towards your waist area. Even dress materials like lace overlays as well as feminine cuts including sweet heart neckline is what that make you look amazing. Red color is perfect to attract boys.

Get Perfect Hairstyle- Hairstyle doesn’t mean you have to decorate your hair with several glitter but you should simply make your hair up or down depends on your personal preference. Doing over complicated twists and braids make you look little messed up. So, in place of curls or messy hairstyle you need to simply condition your hair and make them straight.

Wear Natural makeup- When you want to look cute for a guy then your makeup plays vital role but remember you should opt for natural makeup. Here mentioned tips how you can make up different parts of your face.
• Lips- Lips that looks fuller and plump attracts the men and to get that you have to use light or medium pink as lip shade because it is able to make them look fuller and natural.
• Eyes- Eyes are known as messenger of heart’s feeling and so they should makeup well. Big and straight eyes look wonderfully attractive. So, you have to line your eyes but remember you are not going to make up your eyes in Smokey way. Apply a simple thin line below the eyebrow. Then using a liquid liner makes a top lash line and finally applies voluminous mascara.

Smell like Blossom- It is great idea to create impression that you have to smell good. Spray enough so that he loves to roam around you but you should not overdo that. Even if possible then you can rub the alcohol so that it can keep excess scent away.

Never forget the Teeth- You has to get shiny teeth and for purpose you have to brush the teeth with extra whitening toothpaste. If teeth are yellow or pale then you can use bleaching strips too. Use a mouthwash every time after brushing your teeth.

Above mentioned are very simple tips that tell you how to look cute for a guy. Even if you are not interested in creating impression then also you can use the tips to look awesome.