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Hairstyles for Plus Size Women With Round Faces

Hairstyles for Plus Size Women With Round Faces

It is perhaps the most asked question from any hairstylist that what hairstyle is most suitable for your facial shape. In case you are having round face then no worries this article is especially for you. A round face has wide cheeks but fortunately have great regularity.  You can try these below mentioned hairstyles for plus size women with round faces because it helps to make your wide looked cheeks in a little balance.

Most Stylish Hairstyles for Plus Size Women with Round Faces

Blonde Bob- It is actually shoulder length hairstyle and to enhance this style you would have layers of hair that gaze around your cheekbone and all this makes the flip out away from the face. The best thing to make your rounder face looked long you have to use highlights because they are able to brighten the face. This is an easiest way that helps to make even a simple medium hairstyle chic and stylish.

How you can get this style- To owe this hairstyle you have first clean your hair and then make side partition. Using a curling iron start rolling your hair from the bottom half to your hair means make them curls near to the ear and they should be curled towards the neck, So, the whole look showed the curling effect. Now, make curls from the top of head the half section which has more hair. This stylish flick will provide you winged look. This is known to be one of the finest hairstyles for plus size women with round faces.

Edgy Bob- It is a short and shaggy hairstyle which has so many layers which are edgy and have spiky bangs at the top. If you have chosen a deep crimson color over the style then makes you look awesome. The length of this particular hairstyle is appropriate for the ladies having round faces and reason is obvious that it has cuts which are correctly places at jawline.

How can you Get This Style- Start blow drying your bangs but make rest of hair styled forward and should be kept towards your face. Now, time to try flat iron and using that make detailing of hair. Make small sections of your hair and make them smooth using iron. If you use styling gel the make the style even more appropriate.

Flirty Flip- It is known as cutest hairstyles for plus size women with round faces as it is all fun and flirt. The side bangs are soft which helps to balance the longer forehead of your round face. Also, the style has winged out layers to make you look even more awesome.

How to make this style- You have to wash the hair and make them towel dry. Add some styling gel which will give volume to hair. Keep combing to the hair. Then blow dry the bangs at the outer side and make the rest hair styled at the back side. With the help of small round brush you can even make them more volumes.