Hair coloring ideas for Black hair

Hair Coloring Ideas for Black Hair

Changing hair color has become the latest fashion trend and so many people adopted the same. Today many fashionable colors are available for hair that helps you to look trendy and up to date but some people even dye their hair because they want to hide their grey hair. It might possible that you would have dyed your hair and it goes wrong but you want to change that to original hair or you just don’t want black hair more. So, here given are some of the hair coloring ideas for black hair.

Perfect Hair coloring ideas for black hair

Removal steps for black Hair dye- To dye your hair from black to brown, you have to remove the black color from hair firstly. And to do that you need to follow some steps. And start with washing the hair with clarifying shampoo. This specific type of shampoos has high color- stripping surfactants. Along with that you can also use color removing products. Get some chemical products from market to do the task or also use the natural solutions too.

Try natural solution- Black is the hair color that is hard to remove but using lemon for task would be favorable for you. Take some lemon juice in a hair spray bottle and add very little amount of water to that. You have to spray your hair with solution on daily basis. This would naturally remove the black color’s potency. After this solution wash the hair normally and make them conditioned deeply. This would definitely show result but in case you are not getting any good results then wash hair with dandruff shampoo before applying new color to hair.

Dye your hair with Brown color- Before dying your hair with any color first you need to check that is your hair can tolerate the chemicals in color. If your hair become dry, brittle then you are not suggested to color your hair but if they are safe then try semi permanent color for your hair as they are gentler to your hair.

Hair Dying Techniques- You have to go to salon for hair dying as it is safer option and also they will do the task more perfectly so that it would equally spread to whole hair. Also, it might possible that your face or skin if came in contact with dye then got allergy so to minimal the risk of damage do the task from salon.

After Care- When you dye your hair then your need to follow some rules so that color would stay for long. For the purpose special color protecting shampoos and conditioner are available for you. You need to pick the one which would match with your hair type and wash hair with mild shampoo. Also, when you color your hair then it needed moisturizes as they become dry and for that you have to moisturize your hair using best moisturizer.

Now, you would be capable to know hair coloring ideas for black hair so that you can get rid of dull and boring black color from hair and dye them in new and preferable color of your choice.