How to Select a Bikini Style

How to Select a Bikini Style

Summer is coming a head and there would be so many bikini lovers who would get a chance to wear bikini according to their body shape and preference. Here in this article you would get the help how to select a bikini style which would flatter your figure. There are 6 body types’ apple shape, pear shape, big butt, small butt, small bust and big bust and following given are the choice ideas for some of them.

Considerable things helpful to tell how to select a bikini style

Understand your Body Type- You have to understand your body type and then only shop for the style which would match your style. You need to remember one thing if you would mismatch the top and bottom of bikini then it would change in fashion blunder for you. So, your choice should be of that kind so it goes well with your body shape and will help to manage illusion if required.

Bikini for Pear Shaped Body- Pear shape is what that is narrow from top and have wide at the bottom area. A lady having this kind of body shape should prefer wearing a bikini top have ruffle, fringe or embroidered details as this would help to manage spreading of that over body. You can also try fun prints, embellished and trendy designs like fringe or ruffles. For bottom try a wide banded that goes flat against the hips and for bottom if have tie that would go even more flattering. Sometimes you can go with mix and match techniques and so try a bikini bottom with embellished top and it drags all the attention from the bottom area.

Big chested- If you have big chest then finding a perfect bathing suit is difficult task. You need to strategically place embellishments and also considered swimsuits that would run around the structure. Also, it would lessen the risk of having wardrobe malfunction. If you go for short pattern then would prove supportive and other create illusion of making you look slimmer. Choose the fabric for the waist area which would flatten the division of hips and chest.

Small Busted- Ladies having small bust need to pick their bikini with more consideration. The fabric or style of bikini would be supportive and elongate her petite frame. You can also try bright polka dot bikini and it helps to go better with your bust line and helps to make the legs looks longer. Also, this is feminine and retro styles and would look great for everyone.

An athletic Figure- Athletic figure is what the lady having lean body along with toned figure. One who has this kind of body shape would look very younger than their actual shape and so they are free to choose bikini for their smaller bust and hips but still if the choice would be solid bottom and it would helps to break up long torso.

So, after reading the above tips you would get the how to select a bikini style and rock the beach party or swimming with style and elegance.