How to Hide a Nose Piercing

How to Hide a Nose Piercing

Today nose studs are known to be the part of fashion. Having nose studs helps to add a sparkle to your personality. So, you have got a nose piercing but something went wrong and the thing you want that to hide that from your family, friends or at office colleagues or you may have some other reasons to hide nose piercing. But you are in luck, as here are some of the excellent ways that shows how to hide a nose piercing. Now, no one can get an idea that you have gone from a nose piercing.

Instructions for how to hide a nose Piercing

First step- Initially you have to insert a plastic or any skin colored retainer. To take out piercing you need to get a problem which is that you may not get ability to get jewelry back to the place. This plastic retainer helps to keep the hole open and it is not as obvious as your jewelry.

Second Step- Now, the time to remove the jewelry. For that you need to care lit bit as sometimes constant removals or jewelry additions can give way to any infections or scar to that place. Nose piercing is different from others and so it takes around 10 weeks so that the piercing goes to heal completely. So, don’t take out till the whole piercing got to heal completely.

Third Step- Now, time to put a cover over the area having piercing. It is also the economy way to hide nose piercing. To make that work effectively or excellent way you have to take care that the bandage should not mess when you are taking the jewelry out of the pierced area. You can put here a small bandage which would fit the area.

Fourth Step- Now, finally you can get how to hide a nose piercing. For the purpose you have to cover the pierced area using ample amount of makeup over there. This is not hidden that it is an anxious move if you will not be able to completely heal the place and make up over there leads to an infection.

Fifth Step- Before hiding the piercing you would be assured that the place is healed completely. Now, you have to start apply some moisturizer to the place. Then you have to pick a foundation. Today foundation has come in different shades and the only thing is to get the one that would match with your skin tone. Take a small drop of foundation to your finger tip. Apply over the area. Rub in circular motion and you would get an even skin tone. Now, finally apply some amount of compact over there. Now your work is done and it would have become a secret that in past you have gone from nose piercing.

So, by following the above mentioned steps properly you can easily get how to hide a nose piercing. Now time is to give it a try.