Short Hairstyles for Heavy Women

Short Hairstyles for Heavy Women

It is thought of so many people that picking a right hairstyle is very tough job but you are out of these issues as it is not that hard for you. But for plus size ladies the task is little harder but you would have requirement of hairstyle that is able to drag attention from your wrong attributes but make it looking appealing as well. To help you get right hairstyle you should look below mentioned info about short hairstyles for heavy women.

Tips to get short hairstyles for heavy women

Hairstyles 1- First you have chop your hair to shoulder length. Next thing you should do is to get some highlights but remember it should be natural looking and it would help to drag attention from the face.Then you have use curls to curl your hair from bottom. These beauties also help to brighten your whole look and make it looking thinner as well. So, it is the reason that when you wear vertical strips of hair color then it makes you look slim.

Hairstyle 2-If you are having one length hair then it makes you look even bigger. So, you are suggested to try layered hairstyles. You have to suggest your stylist to cut hair in 3 layers one should near ear second to neck and third should near the shoulder length. Then make back curl to the bottoms. Also, it makes you look hotter as well. So, don’t hesitate to try this one of the best Short hairstyles for heavy women.

Hairstyle 3- You can try side swept bangs as it is specially created to make you look wonderful. You have to make editing by making it little edgy. Remember one thing your short hairstyle should not have blunt fringes as it will make your face looked even more wider and rounder as well. This is what that you don’t want to. Even you have to choose for some bangs so it would complement your looks. So, ladies who are going to try straight across fringe should feather the bangs and should not leave it dull and blunt.

Hairstyle 4- Plus size women should keep herself away from pixie cut but if your like is short hairstyle  then you can try pixie haircut but make some amendments by trying out some of the layers in the hairstyle. Get some layers at the back side and bring all the attention to the upward hairs. Then the work is left for hairstylist as she would create the face framing bangs and also leave the bangs little longer than your whole cut.

Hairstyle 5- Short hair lovers should give a try to below the chin cut. Never leave the cut to the chin area because leaving the cut to that part may result in attention drawn to the wrong means heavy parts of your face. So, do the right task by getting the attention to the neck or to the chin area.

Now, you have given 5 different short hairstyles for heavy women so that you can pick the one you like most and give that a try.