How to Create an Hourglass Figure

How to Create an Hourglass Figure

It is a dream of every lady that she should have perfect hourglass figure so that she can manage to look beautiful and gorgeous. Technically we can define hourglass figure where the hip and bust area and more than ten inches compared to the waist measurements. And if you can manage to have that then you are blessed with hourglass figure. This is not hidden fact that your body figure depends over the genetics but by following exercise plan, diet chart and wearing correct clothes you can still manage to have that figure. Corset training is what that tells you how to create an hourglass figure but following mentioned are some important clothing tips which you should follow definitely to reach nearer to your goal.

Follow clothing tips to know how to create an hourglass figure

Emphasize your waist- The body part that plays major role to get an hourglass figure is your waist and in case you don’t have hourglass figure then you can take the help of illusion method to create figure like that. Wearing correct clothes helps you to make your waist look tiny and for that you should stress your waist whenever possible.It is how to create an hourglass figure illusion.

Pick the Dresses wisely-You need to pick the dress that pinch in at the waist and also sparkle out the hips as well. To make any outfit according to your body shape you have to wear adjustable belts and it should look attractive so that it can manage to drag the attention to the waist. You can also wear jeans or trench coats with belts. You need to pick the jacket having padded shouldered and so automatically your waist would look small.

Say no to Low- rise jeans- Low rise pants or jeans are what that stays at your hips and so it would result in feared muffin top effect. You are not having fatty belly but these kinds of jeans lifted some amount of fat to the upwards and so as result you look wider from the waist area and it is what that you don’t welcome because seeking of hourglass figure.

Choose your Jeans- You need to choose high waisted jeans that would stay under the belly button and by this way the fat over the area would stay at its place and even we are looking for the same. Always pick dark wash jeans because in these jeans legs appear slimmer and provide you curvy figure as well. Pick boot cut or flared styles compared to skinny jeans.

Wear Padded or Push-up Bras- One who has hourglass figure should have fully busts and in case you don’t have naturally then can achieve the same kinds of effect when buy some good quality bras. Choose an under wire bra as it is helpful to lift the breast up and as result you can get the appearance of bras with greater size.

Above mentioned are some of the helpful ideas which tell how to create an hourglass figure. So, you need to just follow these simple steps and get amazing looks of your dreams.