Cool Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair

Cool Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair

A lady have desire to look fashionable and cute always and to maintain your style hairstyle plays the important role. Braids are known to be trendy hairstyle and this wish of yours can come true when you are blessed with long or medium length hair. Following mentioned are some of the cool braided hairstyles for long hair which has grown up twists, the thing you need to do is to just follow the instructions well so that you can wrap your head around.

Some trendy Cool Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair

Braided Crown- This hairstyle is perfect for ladies who have medium or long length hair and to get this style you should create that with French braid. In case you don’t like or don’t want to make this hairstyle with French Braids then no worries you can re-create the magic with trying that along with regular braids. To make the style, you need to separate the hair in two long pigtails. Start braiding both sections and keep them secure with clear elastic rubbers. Now, pull a braid over your head and make them secure with bobby pins back to the hairline. Repeat the whole at the opposite side and then position the second one behind the first braid.

Flower Bun- To create magic with this hairstyle, it would be best that you would have long hair. Now start with making partition of hair. Now, keep it separate an inch of hair at each temple and using clip away the sections. Fold the left hair at the nape of your neck. Make three low braids and secure the ends using small rubber bands. Twist braids till it curls into itself. Finish that with un-clip and twist the two pieces by the temples. Pin them under your braided bun and tuck their ends with bun before securing.

Side Fishtail Braid- This cool braided hairstyles for long hair requires a bit of texture for hold. Ladies with straight hair should use the curling iron to make waves and then collect the hair to make a low ponytail. Now, make a fishtail braid and separate the ponytail in two different sections. Hold a section and take a narrow strip of hair from outside of second section and bring it over to the first one. Repeat the whole process from different section then from first till the bottom of hair. Secure that using clear rubber band. Using a scissors cut the upper elastic and make that loose. It is a wonderfully awesome look. Now, pull the braid apart with fingers.

Side French Braid- The best part is you need not to have long hair to get this hairstyle. Start styling with making a deep side partition of hair. Start from part and then go towards the opposite temple. French braid section of hair and it should be wide and go along with hairline. Make it stop at the temple. Finish that with bobby pins. You have option to style the rest hair any way you want.

Above mentioned are some of the cool braided hairstyles for long hair. The thing is you need to pick the best one for your special day or any occasion.