How to Get a Temporary Tattoo

How to Get a Temporary Tattoo

Getting permanent tattoo is what that some people don’t like to have as it stays forever but temporary tattoo is an art that can be done without altering your skin permanently. To get the temporary tattoo it is not required that you should rush to market and get one but the thing is you can make your own temporary tattoo and it would requires some of the household items along with some products from the crafts zone. Following given is one of the best techniques which tells you how to get a temporary tattoo. So, this is the time actually to show your skills or bring out an artist which lies inside you.

Creative methods that shows how to get a Temporary Tattoo

Eyeliner Tattoo- To get this tattoo you would need a printing paper, stencil and an eyeliner pencil as well.

Get Design To make a great tattoo it is great that you would have excellent design and that design should not in your mind but you need to bring that down on paper to change into tattoo. Now using the regular pencil with paper make a wonderful design on paper. To make the tattoo looks best you should use eyeliner to give bold and simple strokes to your design. If your choice is complicated design then without fine lines it would make unrecognizable and smudged.

Decide the Shape- You need to decide first what shape you want of your tattoo. If you would make a larger tattoo then it would appear to be hand drawn tattoo but on the other hand a small one will look cute as well as authentic. So, give proper effects to your tattoo as per your choice.

Pick your Eyeliner- If you have one then it’s completely perfect. Then you have to sharpen the eyeliner which is smooth and gives you long lasting smudge free tattoo. So, choose the jet black eyeliner of your choice for making striking tattoo but you can also make a colorful design by using some colorful liners as well. So, you need to pick some sparkling colors like purple, sapphire and emerald. You should not choose liquid eyeliner because to handle this liner is most difficult to handle. Before finalizing the tattoo, you need to make a practice of with eyeliner or pencil on paper. To get smoother strokes you have to use pressure to exert.

Make the Design on your skin- It would require a calm mind to draw the perfect design on your skin. Using eyeliner you can make the design. Also make a design at any part of body you like to have but remember one thing to know how to get a temporary tattoo you should make design that has no hair. Your skin should also be dry and clean. For giving shaded effect you can also use cotton balls. At end you can apply hairspray so that it would stay at its place for all day long.

Above mentioned are some of the essential tips how to get a temporary tattoo. So, that you can make a trend of changing tattoos every day and you need not to go to experts for doing the same.