How to Go From Black to Blonde Hair

How to Go From Black to Blonde Hair

Having black and beautiful hair is dream of every lady but don’t you think having black hair is bit boring. Then why to stick with this darkest of the dark color as you can easily get rid of this color. Now, you would have a thought in mind that it requires lots of money and time but you haven idea to that helps to save both your money as well time. Following mentioned are some of the easy ways that tells how to go from black to blonde hair.

Steps to tell how to go from black to blonde hair

Wash and Conditioned your hair- First thing that you have to do is to wash the hair with natural shampoo and then conditioned it well. To wash all the black pigment from the hair can be hurtful process for the hair and in case your hair is over administered or you have gone from any hair treatment like straightening of hair, coloring or blow drying then to get the hair health back you need to condition your hair. For that shampoo your hair and then to wet hair apply ample amount of conditioner. Let the hair soak it well. In case your hair is very dry then you can olive oil to hair. Now, wrap your hair with a towel or wear shower cap and leave for next 10-15 minutes. Your scalp’s heat will open up the hair shaft and you would get conditioning to deeply powerful into the glands. Now, time is to wash the hair with cold water.

Make your hair prepared for coloring- This is a time consuming process and take some hours. Also, you should not do the process at night as it requires too much attention because lack of that can result in complete damage. For better result you need to have a timer with you so that exact process can be done. To get rid of black color from hair the best and easy solution for you is bleaching your hair. Get 2 packets of powder bleach and needed around 40 ml of developer along with color mixing bowl, color brush, glass, gloves and a cap. Now, this is the time to know how to go from black to blonde hair.

Start bleaching- Wear the gloves first. Mix the powder bleach and developer in mixing bowl. Stir till it becomes lump free and results in creamy consistency. Make sections of hair and using hair brush apply that to each section but not to the roots of hair. Wear the cap and check after 10 minutes of interval and when the black color changes to yellow then time to wash hair. Rinse the hair well. Then condition the hair again.

Choose some natural color- Now, you are successful to remove black color from hair and the time is to choose any natural color or anyone of your choice. Take some clips and pair whole hair from head in 4 sections if they are long. Now, apply the color all over your hair and wear shower cap. After 15 minutes you have to wash your hair well. Condition the hair and you are ready to showcase your new look.

Now, you have got the idea from above mentioned tips how to go from black to blonde hair. So, it is the perfect time to try this new look.