How to Get Longer Lashes

How to Get Longer Lashes

You can be of any age but falling eyelashes can be the thing to worry for you. To have a wonderful face your eyes plays important role and for eyes your eyelashes plays the vital role. If the eyelashes are going weaker and delicate then it started falling down. This can be result of less nutrition in diet or frequent rubbing of eyes. Here given some of the tips that tell you how to get longer lashes.

Here is how to get longer lashes

Use Eyelash Extensions- To create illusion of having longer and darker eyelashes you can use eyelash extensions. But keep one thing in mind the excess or frequent usage of the same can damage the health of original eyelashes as its removal sometimes gives way to fall of lashes.

Try Kitchen Remedies- You can even do some things that help you to grow the eyelashes naturally. For the purpose you have to put some castor oil over the eyelash area. This oil is contained with rich amount of Vitamin E that not only grows the new eyelashes but repairs the old one too. As a result you would have denser eyelashes.

Use eyelash Curlers- Those who are looking for how to get longer lashes should give eyelash curlers a try because using the same helps to make proper shape of eyelashes and so it seems they are longer. Even you looked stunning after using but excess usage creates pressure over eyes which are not good.

Eyelash Enhancer- You can try the eyelash enhancing serum but you would worry that they would have chemical composition that might put bad effect over eye health but no worries as to day so many enhancers are available that are based over herbs and it gives way to growth of eyelashes. You can apply the same way as you used to apply eyeliner. It is also available in mascara form so that you can apply that same after application of eye makeup.

Use Eyelash Enhancer a moisturizer- In case you are having dry skin at eyelashes which is responsible for fall of them then you have to take a small brush and dip that in enhancer. Now, time to place that over the lining of eye. This would give moisture along with texture to your eyelashes. It makes them moisturized and growing as well. The provitamin B5 contained in the same helps to maintain the growth and moisture to the area that is very good sign. The good thing is that even people who wear lens can also use the same without any hesitation. For that apply carefully to the eyelashes but it should be that much as it runs in your eyes otherwise this might result in irritation of eyes and some of the other problems.

Now, you have got information how to get longer lashes. So, you can try them and enhanced the whole look and make it gorgeous by enhancing the length of your eyelashes.