How to Brighten Your Finger Nails

How to Brighten Your Finger Nails

You want to have beautiful nails always and most of the time wears nail polish but you would surprise to know that wearing nail polish for long or smoking is what that can result in yellow nails. Having yellow nails are the clear indication of presence of infection to area or any health problem means psoriasis and diabetes. Sometimes heredity is what that can give yellowness to your nails. Whenever you got any of the symptoms it would be great for you to consult your physician so that if it is due to any health issue then can be avoided. After diagnosing the real cause of problem you can give a try to some home remedies to clean them or completely remove them. Those who are in search of remedies should look below as given are tips for how to brighten your finger nails.

Complete Process for How to brighten your finger nails

Clean and Treat the yellow nails

Things required- Small Plastic bowl, 1 cotton swab, 2.5 spoon of baking soda and 1 spoon of Hydrogen Peroxide.

Follow the Process- Mix baking soda and hydrogen peroxide in a small bowl. When you would mix it well, you would get a bleaching paste for nails. Now time to dip the cotton swab in the paste and you have to pick small extract of bleach over that from the bowl. Using cotton apply the bleach under the tip of every nails along with over the front area. Leave it as it is or leave the bleach on its place for next 3 minutes. Now, time to rinse the nails using warm water. After gap of 10 days repeat the whole process. This would help your nail to remain whiten for long time.

Try another Remedies- There is a list of some common kitchen products which would prove great remedies to brighten your nails.

Vinegar- Take some white vinegar in a small bowl and dip your nails in that. Vinegar has citric acid and so when you dip the nails in that then helps to avoid the yellowness.

Lemon- You can also take a fresh lemon and squeeze in some water. Dip the fingers in it. Now, alternatively dip your fingers in vinegar and than in lemon juice and rub nails with cotton ball. Then wash the hands with water.

Use Nail Cleaner- Nail cleaner is a great and easy option to brighten your nails. It would not only clear the discoloration but also provides moisture to your nails.

Whitening Toothpaste- Take some whitening toothpaste and apply a thick layer of that over nails. Leave it there for next 10 minutes and then wash them off.

Important Tips- Only removing yellowness from nails is not sufficient but you need to moisturize the nails. So, at night wash your hands and apply layer of moisturizer over them or you can also use cuticle oil so will help to maintain the shape. It will also save you from brittleness of nails.

Above mentioned are the tips that tell you how to brighten your finger nails. So, follow the above mentioned tips and get beautiful problem free nails.