How to apply nail polish perfectly

How to Apply Nail Polish Perfectly

If you have nails that are painted perfectly matched with your outfit can easily shows your mood and reflects your personality. Today doing that is actually not that harder because market has huge range of amazing colors available. So, you have choice to pick classic red, green, dangerous black, mysterious blue or any of the amazing color. Some people do that very often like they love to paint their nails but surely they would know that how to apply nail polish perfectly is a little tricky because you have no chance to leave any mess. Here below mentioned are some of the ways that help you to achieve the beauty to your nails and easily do that at home.

Easy Steps for how to apply Nail Polish Perfectly

Getting Started with Pick the Color Match with your dress- First thing that you should do is to pick the color which makes you feel good or also matches to your dress as well. You need to keep a thing in mind that if you pick the darker shades of your nail polish like black, blue, purple and dark red then your nails would look smaller than their actual shape.

Pick the correct Place- You would thought its crazy as one can paint the nails at any place but this is important step because when you are desired to know how to apply nail polish perfectly, you need to follow steps at a place when the nails would be stable. You can choose any of the flat and clean surfaces. Also, you would require some paper towel beneath your hand as sometimes the nail polish can be dropped at the surface.

Gather Necessary Suppliers- Keep some cotton balls, branded nail polish remover, nail file, nail clippers, a cuticle stick with you because before applying the new shade you need to remove the old one. In case you haven’t wore any of the nail polish but still you have to wipe the nails with a cotton ball dipped n nail paint remover and it would clears the presence of natural oil if have any.

File the Nails- Using nail clippers trim the nails. All of your nails should be approximately same length. Make a shape of your personal choice. After filing the nails, you should push back your cuticles. If you soak your hands in warm water for few minutes before cuticle pushing then it would make them soft and your task would go easy.

Rub the Nail Paint Bottle- You should either shake or rub the bottle between your hands for 20-25 seconds. It is necessary step for mixing of contents in the bottle.

Apply the Nail Polish- You need to start with applying base coat of clear polish. It helps to stay nail paint last longer. When it goes dry then start painting the nails. Your first stroke of nail paint should be in the middle. After that fill the sides of the nail but very carefully it should not touch the side skin. When it goes dry then apply the next coat. Only two – three coats are sufficient because they can provide you exact shade and over application can result in chapping of paint in few days.

So, here given are tips how to apply the nail polish perfectly. So that you can follow them and enjoy the beauty of nails.