How to make hair grow thicker and faster

How to Make Hair Grow Thicker and Faster

Having shiny, long and healthy hair is known to be beauty sign and make you look youthful and vital. Some have god gifts long and lustrous hair but rest who has not always run towards the costly chemical rich cosmetics so that they can get the desired length of hair but unfortunately it not works for everyone. Even some people get harms due to chemical presence in the products and then they search for how to make hair grow thicker and faster. For those there is one sure shot solution and that is healthy eating habits.

Foodie Solutions for how to make hair grow thicker and faster

Have a Healthy diet- It is the base of not only healthy body but for having healthy and shiny hair you need to depend over a healthy diet full of nutrition.

Protein rich Diet- Diet should have protein in ample amount as it is must for hair health. Human hair are composed of keratin which is a protein made up of amino acids. So, for the growth of new hair body should make amino acids and this can’t be done by just have protein rich diet. For proper hair growth you should require nutrients along with proteins. Some of the sources for the same are fish, eggs, lean meat, soy products, beans and nuts. Having these products provide building blocks for growth of new hair.

Iron Supplements- In case your body is suffering from the deficiencies of zinc and iron then also it is possible that you have to suffer from poor hair health. All that is due to health condition anemia. Having iron in body means you have proper transmission of oxygen throughout the body to your cells including hair follicles too. Also, it makes the protein able to make strong hair. Some of the sources include eggs, lean meat, soybeans, lentils, beans, tofu and poultry.

Zinc Supplements- People who want to know how to hair grow thicker and faster should take zinc supplements in their diet on regular basis as they are able to make hair grow faster. Along with that it also repair tissues and maintains the oil glands around the hair follicles work in proper way. So, get that from the sources named pumpkin seeds, chickpeas, lean meat, peanut butter, oysters, crabs and poultry.

Have Healthy Fats- Some people make a mistake of cutting healthy fat from the diet and then hair has to pay for that. It is true that having healthy fats are crucial for hair growth. And without their presence it is not possible to maintain the hair health. It is necessary because it assimilate vitamins and that are known to be important for hair growth like Vitamin A, D, E and K. It should be taken in adequate amount and your focus should be placed at the unsaturated fats along with fatty acids like omega 3 fatty acids.

Above mentioned are some of the healthy and tasty solution which one should definitely include in place of unhealthy chemical rich solution and it also defines how to make hair grow thicker and faster. They would not only satisfy your taste buds but fills the need of nutrition in diet as well.