How to Give Yourself a Quick Facial at Home

How to Give Yourself a Quick Facial at Home

Do you have to attend any event where you want to look best and dewy? Or you need to provide relax to your tired and dull skin? The reason may be anyone but the solution is one which is facial. It is a beauty essential which every girl wanted to use for keeping the skin health at its place. Even using the layer of makeup can make your face lifted up to only 80% and the whole day work soaked the makeup layers and keeping that over the face or other areas may result in blocked pores which is not good for your skin health. At that time you would need a facial and to get that you need not to take appointments from costly parlours if you are able to do the task at home. Following are ways that tell you how to give yourself a quick facial at home.

Follow the Steps for Getting Quick Facial at home

Remove the makeup- The very first step for starting the facial process is that to remove the complete makeup from face and neck area and for the purpose you can take raw milk and dip the cotton ball in that. Then rub the face with that. Keep on removing until any of the residue left there.

Wash the face- After cleaning your face, wash that using warm water. Usage of warm water will open the clogged pores and helps in removing makeup if absorbed by the pores.

Use Skin Toner- Take skin tone and add some drops of that to a cotton ball. With the cotton ball wipe the face it would remove the excess of cleanser or any of the makeup if left over the face.

Moisturizer- Take high quality moisturizer and spray plenty of amounts in your hands. With your fingers, slowly spread that to all over your face like you have applied a facial mask. Remember the moisturizer should be spread evenly over the face and visible over face as well. Leave it for 10 minutes so that the skin would absorb some amount of that. For deep cleansing leave that for around 20 minutes or till the whole moisturizer disappeared.

Dry makeup Pads- Using a dry makeup pad, try to rub the face in circular motion which would remove extra moisture from face. Also, it would help to remove tan from face. Now, splash the face using cold water that would close the pores again. With soft towel pat dry the face.

Moisturize your skin- Take some moisturizer and apply that over your face as it would work as base before applying makeup. Your facial is done.

Essential Tips- Never use harsh makeup remover after trying moisture treatment because it may result in bad skin health. The facial wash should be suitable according the skin type as if have dry skin then use moisturizing wash and oily skin people should use a wash which don’t have oils. And for sensitive and irritated skin, you need to use QV wash.

Here given are some of the effective and wonderful tips that tell how to give yourself a quick facial at home.