How to Make Hair Stay Straight All Day

How to Make Hair Stay Straight All Day

Straight hair is easy to get when you use straightening irons but can’t help you to have straight hair for all day long and also you can have some of the side effects due to using the chemicals to make the hair straight for long. Here given are some of the essential tips that tell how to make hair stay straight all day and combats the elements.

Essential tips to tell you how to make hair stay straight all day

Try the Basic Treatment- First and the very basic step to get straight hair is that you have to buy a shampoo along with conditioner that are known for providing straight and sleek hair for whole day. Remember one thing you have to buy the products that is herbal or don’t contain nay harmful chemicals as it can result in permanent damage to your hair. You can even buy popular brand products; it might be costly but would be safe for hair health.

Shampoo and Conditioning the Hair- Wash the hair well with the shampoo and then apply conditioner after that. Then take a wide toothed comb and comb your hair so that the conditioner would spread equally to all over the head. Now the time is to take head bath. Applying conditioner after shampoo helps to detangle the hair and also results in straightness of hair.

Don’t Rub your Hair Harshly- After taking shower you have to rub the hair with towel but remember you should not rub your hair harshly that it goes to hair fall. You can pat and then squeeze your hair dry using the towel. There is one more reason to do the process because it would not result in tangled hair.

Use Hair Relaxing Cream- After doing the above process now it is time to apply a straightening mousse or relaxing cream over your hair. Remember you have to apply the same over the wet hair and that you can do after having your shower. Application of this anti-frizz product helps to keep the hair at place as it contains silicone that is able to keep the hair moisturized.

Try the Home Treatment- In case you have bad hair health or you don’t want any of the chemical products over your head then no worries you can even replace the chemical product with simple remedies which tells you how to make hair stay straight all day.

Milk Spray- Before having a shower you can take a spray bottle and fill it with milk. Before 20-25 minutes of having shower you have to spray that milk all over your head. You have to be sure that your hair would have got milk layer equally or to each hair. Comb the hair using wide comb and then after take a shower. Now, you have to shampoo or condition the hair that usually you use to wash your hair.

Above mentioned are some simple solutions which would explain you how to make hair stay straight all day long. So, you can enjoy trying the methods and also maintains the hair health too.