How to Make Lips Look Smaller

How to Make Lips Look Smaller

Lips are known to be the most important part of the body and especially for women. These are the center attraction of your face. Some of the people have thinner lips while others have fuller lips. It is great in case you are satisfied with the shape of your lips but in you have fuller lips and want to know how to make lips look smaller then no worries you can make them look smaller with different ways like surgeries but also there are some non-surgical methods available for you which you can use to make the lips look smaller.

Easy methods tells you how to make lips look smaller

Try home remedies- So you have pretty big lips but unfortunately you don’t like to have such big lips and want to make them look thinner then you can depend over some natural remedies. Try the easiest tricks and according to that you need to take some ice cubes in a small bowl and dip your lips in them and then wear lipstick and other lip makeups to enhance your looks. According to another home remedy you should take Cayenne pepper and add some lemon juice to it and then grind to get a fine paste. Now, take some paste in your fingers and rub between your lips and it would prove helpful to shrink your lips. These home remedies are helpful and provide you relief but you have another option too as you can make your lips look smaller naturally.

Make your lips look smaller with makeup

• Pluck the extra hair- Another and excellent way which provides how to make lips look smaller is that you can take help of makeup. The first and the main step is that you have to check do you have any hair on the upper lip area. In case you have then using a pluck you need to pull them out. You can also go for threading option or wax hair from the area as well then take a good concealer and apply that over the area. If you would not pluck the hair before concealer application then you they would appear even more obvious.

• Create Outline Using Lip Liner- To apply concealer put a dap of concealer and rub it well but before doing that you need to make an outline of your lip or to the desired shape you like to have your lips. Now, time to fill the lips using lip liner, lipstick or gloss whatever you like to use.

• Keep Attention over Bottom Lip- Your idea is to how to make lips look smaller than it would be great idea for you to drag the attention all over the bottom lip if you want to make upper lip look thinner or can do vice versa for opposite case as well.

Your work has done and successfully you have managed to know how to make lips look smaller but along with that you have to use some dark shades in lipstick over the top lip because it works in favor of your desire.